Google Marketing or Social Media Marketing? What Works Best?

We get a lot of questions from small and medium sized businesses about whether they should use Search Engine Marketing (Google Marketing) strategies or Social Media Marketing to grow their business. And being partners with both a social media agency and SEO Marketing / PPC Management agency – we see how both can be effective.

However, the first thing we asked them before giving an answer …

  • What is your time frame?
  • What is your budget?
  • What are your goals and are they long or short term?
  • Can you engage with “followers” you build up on social media platforms that target your audience?
  • Can you create compelling content on a blog?
  • Do you want more control and trackable results?

See the reason they need to answer these questions is bot Google Marketing strategies whether its getting on Google My Business or Social Media are different tools that take time and money to really be effective. And if you are just looking for a quick buck or to make millions over night you really need to assess your expectations of marketing in general.

Also, are you going to hire social media professionals or have someone in house? Or possibly just use a social media marketing agency to handle it for you and how much can you be involved in the equation?

These are questions you should be asking yourself before you ask does Google Marketing or Social Media Marketing work best?

In regards to both here are some pros and cons:

Google Marketing


  • You can target customers that are closer to the end of the buying funnel
  • You can target keywords relevant to your business
  • Google PPC with Adwords is controllable, trackable, and instant
  • Google SEO takes longer but over time can drive consistent relevant traffic that you don’t pay for via CPC or cost per click


  • Google PPC can be very expensive depending on the supply and demand of the industry and ROI
  • Google SEO can take 6-12 months even longer while someone in house that knows SEO executes the plan or you hire a SEO company
  • Google SEO algorithms constantly change and they have over 200 factors
  • Google Adwords PPC is complex and if you don’t know what Ad Rank or Quality Scores are you better hire a certified professional.

Social Media Marketing


  • Another way to connect with customers
  • You can search keywords on Twitter and follow customers that follow your competition
  • Great way to grab attention and buzz
  • Helps your SEO with your content or URL being shared


  • Very time consuming
  • Hard to track ROI unless you use promo codes, trackable links, and most of the time it creates indirect sales
  • Hard to build a following unless you are a big brand or in a certain industry where you can add a lot of value
  • Need to manage multiple platforms based on your audience

Here is great video on the Social Media Revolution

So what do you think? Anything you can share about these forms of marketing strategies for small business owners? Leave a comment below.

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